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Vehicle modifications have always been a part of my life.  Need an example?  I put nitrous on my 1984 BMW 318 "winter beater" in Chicago when I was 18.  Why?! Why not?  The passion has never stopped.  I am now on my 56th vehicle of my life...let the build begin!

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My Favorite Cars

56 vehicles owned in 24 years makes it hard to remember them all, much less pick a favorite.  Sports cars, 4x4s, lowered trucks, luxury vehicles, hoopties, race specific car...Ive had em all.  As far as daily drivers are concerned though, my Turbo 2004 GTO and my current Jeep JL Rubicon would be my choices today.

How to See My Cars

I don't do all this work just to let my cars stay in the garage! I drive my vehicles to shows and offroad events all over the Southwest US. If you're interested in seeing the work I've done in person, keep an eye out at large car shows near you!  Dont miss the unveiling of JL RubiTron at SEMA 2018 in booth #33087

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JL RubiTron