Road Armor

JL.RubiTron is proud to be utilizing a full set of Road Armor products.  Starting with a clean lined stubby front bumper, fenders that compliment the JL body lines better than any other available option, and followed up in back by a gorgeous, low profile rear bumper tucked tight to the body.  Finishing things off is a set of A-Pillar brackets designed to hold a 50" lightbar and a set of cube lights.

We worked hard together to tweak the final designs for ultimate fitment.  The quality is unmatched, and the looks are just stunning...but you can already see that.

Road Armor is the first to create a  multi faceted steel bumper design and have led the industry since 2000.  There are a lot of other manufacturers on the market these days, we  encourage you to learn the difference - The Road Armor difference -  because not all replacement bumpers are created equal. There's no  substitute for the Original Road Armor Bumpers, 100% Made in Texas, USA  and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. 

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